Want to be a Pal & Patron of the Parlor Sessions?

(say that 5 times fast)

The Parlor Sessions is a totally indie effort to bring real, honest music to your town. It’s 4 hard working singer songwriters cramming into a mini van to tour the country and share their songs, stories, and secrets.

And It won’t be the same without YOU!

Just purchase tickets NOW and you’ll also get:

  • “Thank you” listed on the website and shouted from the highest peak on our tour route.
  • NAME the van!
  • YOU pick the cover songs. Every night we’ll play a cover song picked by the Pals & Patrons.
  • Mentions in our Video Tour Diary.
  • Bear hugs, high-fives, and never ending gratitude from Eliot, Andy, Dean, & Jason.
  • The warm fuzzy feeling of being a direct supporter of real, honest music!

>>> Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Purchase your tickets here.
2. Fwd your email confirmation to PalsAndPatrons@TheParlorSessions.com

See you on the road!
-Andy, Eliot, Jason, and Dean