Drunks With Pens: 2 Shows Reviewed

Four Singer-Songwriters and a minivan: The Parlor Sessions Tour
These are four remarkably talented guys, similar in some ways, but each quite unique, too. I had the chance to catch the tour twice, at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA and at Ashland Coffee and Tea in Ashland, VA, and I must say it was brilliant on both occasions. If you’re the kind of person who likes watching artists interact, and who likes to know the story behind songs, you would have loved these shows…

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Small Creatures Video: 2 Songs In 1 Take

Small Creatures got a one take, continuous shot of The Parlor Sessions performing an encore set outside The Evening Muse in Charlotte on the last night of our tour:

“The Only Living Boy in New York” and “Wayside/Back In Time” by The Parlor Sessions

“After 10 days of nonstop touring up and down the east coast, singer-songwriters Eliot Bronson, Dean Fields, Jason Myles Goss & Andy Zipf closed their tour in Charlotte, NC. After an amazing set, the 4 gave one final performance the attendees which took them from the lovely interiors of The Evening Muse and out into the streets of the city.
This 2-Track Series Performance is a documentary + performance video of their journey and an intimate closure to a uniquely personal tour as it comes to a close. Follow them as they sing ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ by Simon and Garfunkel and ‘Wayside/Back In Time’ by Gillian Welch.”

-Carolina Music Connection

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Atlanta Show Review

Check out this sweet review of our Eddie’s Attic show:

The Parlor Sessions is a tour made up of four talented singer-songwriters traveling around the country bringing their troubadour-esque stories in song to eager audiences. Dean Fields, Andy Zipf, Eliot Bronson and Jason Myles Goss have all worked hard over the years to build their own fan-bases and reputations as topnotch songwriters and storytellers. This special “in the round” format for the tour allows them to spread their music to rapt audiences that appreciate well-crafted and beautifully-performed songs.

The night opened with the four men taking the stage at Eddie’s to a full and enthusiastic crowd. From the first song, the respectful Eddie’s crowd settled in to be serenaded by 4 talented performers…

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Press: Charlotte Observer

The Charlotte Observer previewed our show at The Evening Muse:

Eliot Bronson, Dean Fields and Andy Zipf have all played Evening Muse before, but Sunday, the East Coast singer-songwriters will share the stage – along with Muse first-timer Jason Myles Goss.

The four have dubbed the tour The Parlor Sessions, and at the show they’ll act as each other’s backing band, trading songs and collaborating.

“We wanted to try to make it better than the average songwriter-in-the-round, give it some continuity and make it like a real show,” says Atlanta songwriter Bronson. “We don’t want to have four shows that stop and start between songs.”

Fields, who lives in Nashville, came up with the idea for four established songwriters from different areas of the country to hit the road together.

“The advantages are being able to share booking, promotions and driving duties – the driving is a huge one – but it’s a big commitment to dedicate the months of preparation in doing something of this scale,” Fields says. “Just coordinating a Google hangout with four type-B personalities can be a tall order…”

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TV Performance: Virginia This Morning

Thanks to “Virginia This Morning” WTVR Channel 6 in Richmond. We played two live songs and chatted about Dinobots.
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“RICHMOND, Va – Dean Fields, Andy Zipf, Eliot Bronson, and Jason Myles Goss have been criss-crossing the country performing their carefully crafted songs anywhere people gather to appreciate the modern troubadour. These four hard-working indie singer-songwriters are hitting the road together and giving away songs for FREE at www.theparlorsessions.com. Catch these fellas on stage as ‘The Parlor Sessions’ on Friday June 13th at 8pm. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.”
-WTVR “Virginia This Morning”


Atlanta Music Guide Interview

Atlanta Music Guide interviewed us before our show at Eddie’s Attic! *Interview may contain the word fluvial, pentecostal ministers, and the Oak Ridge Boys.

4 artists. 1 interview. It’s about to get interesting.
Eliot Bronson, Jason Myles Goss, Andy Zipf and Dean Fields make up the men of The Parlor Sessions. Each adds their own interesting element to this team of traveling songwriters. While reading about these guys is great, seeing them LIVE is even better! Check them out for yourself on Saturday, June 14th at Eddie’s Attic…

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Chunky Glasses Podcast

We sat down with Kevin Hill from Chunky Glasses podcast following our show at Iota in DC. We talk about the origins of “The Parlor Sessions,” life on the road together, and the best urinals on the east coast.

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Dean Fields, Andy Zipf, Jason Myles Goss and Eliot Bronson are all accomplished musicians on their own, but now they’ve joined forces and are hitting the road with a show they’ve dubbed The Parlor Sessions.

Over the next two weeks this newly formed band of brothers will be delivering a uniquely intimate night of music up and down the East coast. After their stop here in DC the guys stopped by to talk about the genesis of The Parlor Sessions, how the experience hasn’t been quite what they expected in the best ways possible, and what they see the future holds for each of the guys individually and together as The Parlor Sessions.

-Chunky Glasses Podcast

Video from The Circus Life Podcast “Handle With Care”

Thanks to “The Circus Life” podcast for having us on! Here’s a video of us performing “Handle With Care.”

The Circus Life Episode 45: The Cookie Show! We are happy to have Andy Zipf back in the studio along with Dean Fields, Eliot Bronson, and Jason Myles Goss whom together make up the supergroup “The Parlor Sessions”. They sing and we discuss what not to say to musicians, favorite cities to live in, and not trusting people with AOL emails. We also welcome back Jacqueline Francis who brings in three types of freshly baked cookies! Our show is brought to you by our Amazon link, which gives us a piece of your purchase if you click through the sponsor link on our website www.thecircuslife.com. This podcast is also brought to you by ToriRocksRealEstate.com, GrowthGroup.com, Saucony, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios.

UnRehearsed DC: Video in a Stairwell

Touring by yourself can be a lonely endeavor. What better way to solve that problem than to invite a bunch of your songwriter friends to go on tour with you and play each other’s songs. Meet “The Parlor Sessions.” Made up of Dean Fields, Andy Zipf, Jason Myles Goss, and Eliot Bronson, these gentlemen put up a website, got a van, and went on the road. We filmed them in the stairwell at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA, momentarily breaking our “no covers’ rule for them to play a Traveling Wilburys song called “Handle With Care.” Four friends playing each other’s music, this is the definition of working together, collectively combining your talents, and operating under the idea that success comes from hard work and strength in numbers.